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Commercial Real Estate

With our unique business model and creative strategies we deliver higher returns by reducing operating costs and enhance the property value of your commercial property to give a great cash flow.

Brought down the Management Company fee by 40%

Reduced contract fees like Landscape, Housekeeping etc. by 15%

Took over the vendor payment activity by 100%

Reduced Insurance costs by 30%

Negotiated with Management Company

Shopped around 100+ Vendors & Companies

Every property owner wants to earn more by optimizing financial returns and lease terms. When we manage your properties, we’ll deliver by acting as your general partner and bring in the ownership mindset to every aspect of the operations. We will always initiate in your best interests to ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and profitably. And your tenants will experience the same soaring standards of service that you do.

Our cohesive approach allows you to reduce risk, attract and retain your tenants and maximize the value of your investments while minimizing the operating expenses. We crave our expertise in commercial office and retail buildings to develop solutions that are customized to your grail.

No matter which part of States you are from, SamHar experts will give you peace of mind. Whether we are managing tenant relationship, improving your property or leasing your empty space, we will apply our best practices, proven abilities and the latest technology tools.

Membership Enquiry

Have some questions about our membership plans or ready to take a tour of our spaces? Drop us a note and we'll be in touch shortly!